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4 days ago

Application working in BAS after deploying does not work

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After couple of hours of trying I would ask for your perspective on such problem:

After extending the CDS view based application in BAS (some buttons etc.) I decided to deploy the solution.

According to console, the deployment was successful:


However, when I enter SE80 in order to test the app (or go to the link provided in the console) I get:


I have checked the locate-reuse-libs,js in the BAS and it is in the folder


it is not visible in the se80 BSP overview. (On the other hand I checked onter apps and this file was not available in se80 too).

I thought that maybe the problem is with namespaces/ naming conventions, when I checked the /ui2/flia I got error:

Invalid semantic object XYZ.

I was trying to place this app in launchpad, which I managed to do but (as predicted) it is not working and the errors are :

Log-dbg.js:452 2022-11-25 00:11:55.677199 The issue is most likely caused by application AAA. Please create a support incident and assign it to the support component of the respective application. - Failed to load UI5 component with properties.
Error: "application-AAA" is not a valid ID.


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