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Nov 24 at 04:46 PM

Error Anti-Virus when Deploy SAPUI5 App to S4hana en premise 2020 SAP_UI 7.55 from VS Code

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  • Problem :

When i tried to deploy one sapui5 application to s4hana en premise system from VS code (npm run deploy), i got some error like:

Server error during antivirus check: The virus detection profile /UI5/UI5_INFRA_APP (path: Component-dbg.js)

It seems that every .js file has been detected and rejected by the system.

  • Some check done:
  1. Disable virus scanner completely (by following this KBA)
  2. Implemente this note 3239985
  3. Insert ignoreCertError: true in my ui5-deploy.yaml to avoid certifcation error.
  4. no error in npm run build
  5. no error in npm run deploy-test


"scripts": {
        "start": "fiori run --open \"test/flpSandbox.html?sap-client=100&sap-ui-xx-viewCache=false#duclotztest-display\"",
        "start-local": "fiori run --config ./ui5-local.yaml --open \"test/flpSandbox.html?sap-client=100&sap-ui-xx-viewCache=false#duclotztest-display\"",
        "build": "ui5 build --config=ui5.yaml --clean-dest --dest dist",
        "deploy": "npm run build && fiori deploy --config ui5-deploy.yaml && rimraf",
        "deploy-config": "fiori add deploy-config",
        "start-noflp": "fiori run --open \"index.html?sap-client=100&sap-ui-xx-viewCache=false\"",
        "start-mock": "fiori run --config ./ui5-mock.yaml --open \"test/flpSandbox.html?sap-client=100&sap-ui-xx-viewCache=false#duclotztest-display\"",
        "start-variants-management": "fiori run --open \"preview.html?&sap-client=100&sap-ui-xx-viewCache=false&fiori-tools-rta-mode=true&sap-ui-rta-skip-flex-validation=true#preview-app\"",
        "unit-tests": "fiori run --config ./ui5-mock.yaml --open 'test/unit/unitTests.qunit.html'",
        "int-tests": "fiori run --config ./ui5-mock.yaml --open 'test/integration/opaTests.qunit.html'",
        "undeploy": "fiori undeploy --config ui5-deploy.yaml",
        "deploy-test": "npm run build && fiori deploy --config ui5-deploy.yaml --testMode true"

Thanks in advance for any help provided.


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