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5 days ago

MRP Run for a specific period of time in future


Hi team,

We have a requirement of running MRP for a specific time in the future (no starting from today), but at the same time, if required, being able to run it for the whole period.


- MRP run daily for Material A starting after the "planning time fence" o frozen period of let´s say 30 days.

- MRP run once a week for Material A for the whole period.

We have evaluated the option of using MRP types P1/P2/P3/P4 with a specific planning time fence, but this it not completely useful, as you cannot run it later once a week for the whole period - unless you mass change all materials to PD before.

We have also evaluated Planning Horizon, but it is not useful as you cannot start the run from day +30 (for example).

Is there a way of achiving this requirement?

Any input or idea is very welcome :)

Thank you!