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4 days ago

Fiori App F4111 Manage Prices Sales- additional fields from access sequence are not visible

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Dear All,

we encountered an issue with Fiori App F4111 Manage Prices Sales within pricing implementation with regards to some additional fields added in the access sequences which cannot be used in this fiori app. Some of the fields are SAP standard and some are custom (AUART_SD, VSBED, different levels of product hiearchy, customer hierarchy related fields).

We have explored different options, including the SAP guidelines to extend the App, but in the end none of them have worked to achieve the result where the added fields are visible in this app, are as well editable and have value help.

In this note, we raised a feature request to SAP to solve this issue and to be able to use this app in daily business activities.

If you want to make an impact and to support this feature request, every vote counts.

Please find here the link to the feature request where you can submit your vote, by logging in with the S-user.

Improvement Request Details - Customer Influence (

Thank you and finger crossed for future improvements!