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6 days ago

Subsequent Asset Acquisition in Current Fiscal Year


Hello FI Consultants/Users/Experts

I am getting confused with respect to subsequent acquisition in Asset. I acquired an Asset in Aug-2022 for 200,000

Depreication is SLM, life is 3 years.

Per Year Dep=66,667

Per month Dep= 5556

I ran Dep Run for Aug. Now posted depreciation is 5556.

In Sep-22, I did subsequent acqusition with 50,000 . Now APC increases to 250,000

Now system is recaulculating Depreciation for Aug also. why system is doing this, I mean i want system to post newly calculated dep from Sep only.

Dep key is SLM.

Period Control is 01/01/01/01

How can i stop system to post to Aug also..

I am attaching screenshots for your ref.


Muhammad Yusuf Ali

SAP FICO Consultantasset-1.jpegasset-2.jpeg


asset-1.jpeg (76.3 kB)
asset-2.jpeg (55.8 kB)