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Nov 24, 2022 at 12:06 AM

How can I control Posting key allocation to G/L accounts?

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I have the following requirement: to create a new pricing condition to trace commissions entitled for the distributor partners. This condition must have some attributes:

1. new condition must not modify the price, in some sense it must behave as if it's a statistical condition

2. new condition must modify(=decrease) the profit margin displayed in the Conditions tab/pricing procedure calculation.

3. new condition must be added manually, at header and must be of percentage type

4. FI document for invoice must include 2 lines for this condition, commission value with debit / 40 posting key(PK) must contain a 6aaaaa account and positive value of commission and a second line with credit/50 posting key with a 2aaaaa account and negative value of commission.

So far I created the condition using instructions from THIS BLOG - I kept empty the Plus/Minus field - added it in the pricing procedure and created entries in VKOA for account determination (6aaaaa in G/L column and 2aaaaa in Provision acc. column) and I can see the expected 2 lines in FI document but I'm facing some problems:

a. PK determined are swapped from what are expected to be, account 6aaaaa receives PK 50 and 2aaaaa receives PK 40

Question nr. 1: How can I control what posting keys are allocated to the accounts in FI document? I noticed I can influence it by tweaking the Plus/minus checkbox but if I select X(- minus) the profit margin increases(!!!) with the value of the commission so this doesn't seem to be a solution

b. profit margin in Header shows diminished value - commission is subtracted - but at line level profit margin is not changed despite the fact the share of the header condition is also shown at line level - in other words sum of profit margins collected from lines differ from the header value

Question 2: Is it normal to have the Profit margin displayed at Header different from the sum of the ones from lines? If not how can I control/modify this?

Thank you.