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Nov 22 at 06:50 PM

Subcontracting Process with Material group


Hello Sapians

In my Scenario, i created a Material(FERT-CC12-EP) and i want to send this material to Subcontractor to make Drilling. This material has no BOM.

I created a Material Group(0006) and created an Info record at Sub contracting w.r.t Material Group.

Then in the Purchase Order i entered Account Assignment(K), Item Category(L), Short Text, PO Qty(10 PC), Material Group. In the Material Tab at Component i entered the material(FERT-CC12-EP) manually and Qty (10 PC).

I did Transfer Posting w.r.t to PO and Mov. typ 541 to issue material to Subcontractor. I checked the Qty issued to vendor in MMBE. It showed 10 Qty.

Then i received the goods from the Subcontractor with Mov. Typ 101. Now i checked the Qty available in the plant. It showed Zero Qty.

Why it is Showing Zero?. As i received the Qty from the Sub contractor, this Qty has to be updated in the plant.

Where can i find or Check the Stock received from the Vendor?

I need a small Clarification about the Process i did, Can we do Subcontracting without entering the Parent Material and entering the material group. Is this a Valid Process? If not How can we do Subcontracting for the Material, that only need small processing like Drilling, Grinding, Painting and do not require to create a Parent Material.

Please provide me with detail step of explanation

i really appreciate your help

Thank you


Venu Gopal Reddy