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Nov 21 at 09:18 PM

Recommendation on BO migration


Hi All,

We have migrated BO 4.1 to 4.3. As part of migration we have considered migration from BO 4.1 Prod -> 4.3 Dev -> 4.3 Pre Prod. The UAT is done in Pre prod environment.

Now we are planning to do a full migration again from 4.1 Prod ->Dev -> Pre Prd ->Prod just to keep 4.3 Prod inline with 4.1 Prod (This will include any new changes done in 4.1 while we were in migration)

I am looking for recommendation on the best way to go ahead. Should it be full migration from 4.1 Prod->4.3 Dev -> 4.3 Pre Prod -> 4.3 Prod. Also wanted to understand what are the risk or issue we can expect during the migration if we consider to go for full migration.

Kindly suggest.