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Nov 18, 2022 at 12:37 PM

"Status of Data" in Query (on top Composite Provider containing Calculation View)


Hello everbyody,

my company has the following scenario:

1. Graphical Calcuation View (Join of two ADSO-Tables)

2. Consumption of CV in Composite Provider

3. Query on top of CP




When executing the query we get the execution time of the query displayed in "Status of Data". The requirement of the users is although the update date of the ADSOs.

As I understand the "Status of Data" is based on the 0INFOPROV infoobject of the infoprovider of the query. I tried to manipulate respectively to actively input a constant value (ADSO-Name) for this infoobject within my Calculation View. But the Composite Provider doesn't allow me to use the 0INFOPROV infoobject as it is reserved.

Is there any way to get the updated time of an ADSO into the "Status of Data" of my query?

An additional infoobject including the updated time was already implemented, but not regarded as feasible standard solution. Also it is not possible (for several reasons) to just include the ADSOs in the Composite Provider.

Thank you very much in advance!

Jan Betting


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