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4 days ago

IDoc Error with Status 11


Hello all,

I tried 3 times to resend an Outbound IDoc with status 11, but it does not work. The status error is: mail(1): SendMail has failed!

I have checked the email orders through the transaction SOST and the mail order was successfully sent to the supplier. But why the EDI order is not going out I don't know.

So I tried to resend the IDoc:

1. through transaction ZRBDAGAIN I tried to reprocess the OUTBOUND IDoc but it didn't work.

2. i changed the status of the IDoc from 11 to 30 and the IDoc always ran on error

3. i have opened the IDoc through the transaction WE19 and a new IDoc has been created, but this new IDoc has always run on error always with the same status

Can someone please help here ?