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6 days ago

Mapping issue

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Hi Experts,

We have a requirement to generate multiple nodes on the target side. Based on the occurrence of Z1EDKA2 segments we should generate the target nodes 'AdditionalDocumentReference.


Z1EDKA3/LINE --> EmbededDocument binaryObjects.

AS-IS Mapping


under the segment Z1EDKA2 we have sub segment Z1EDKA3 which has the field LINE, it will have text which we should be concatenated and pass it to the target field EmbededDocumentBinaryOject.

In the below example we have 2 Z1EDKA2 segment.

1st record is having LINE values '123,456,789,1011'

2nd record is having LINE values '80,90,100,200'

As per the existing mapping 1st record is getting generated with the ' LINE' values from both 1st and the 2nd record.

which is '12345678910118090100200'.

Test results


Expected output

please check the below expected output and help me to generate the output.


Best Regards



image.png (39.1 kB)
image.png (119.1 kB)
image.png (247.3 kB)