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Nov 22 at 07:49 AM

Multitenancy + Approuter: tenant successfully subscribed - no application url provided


Hi CAP Devs,

I'm trying to set up a simple multitenant application using the bookshop demo reusing the provided vue frontend.

Following the CAP docs, I've added the multitencay features with cds add multitenancy. Testing locally works fine. I also added an approuter using cds add approuter and defined my routes for it.


In the mta.yaml I provided the TENANT_HOST_PATTERN property for the approuter.


Deploying to my trial account (following the docs) also works, and I can subscribe to my application from a consumer subaccount. But when using the Go to Application Button it directs me to:

In the Subscription Management Dashboard the same error message appears.


I'm guessing I'm missing a step where I have to provide the approuter url to the service broker?! Is this done automatically via some binding? Do I have to do this manually in some Subscription handler?

So my question in general is, where and how do I have to provide the application URL. Is there any documentation on this? I couldn't find anything related in the CAP docs.

Thanks & regards



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