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Nov 22 at 12:45 AM

#COE #BA01 Intercompany asset transfer across countries best practice



We have a lot of assets being transferred between entities in different countries (prime example being employee laptops moving with transferring employees) and I don't see anything in the Best Practice explorer or within the SAP help pages for S/4HANA Cloud to define the best practice steps and apps that should be used for these cross border transactions like they are for Intracompany and Intercompany transfers in the same country.

Does anyone have these laid out or can they provide a link for S/4HANA Cloud?

Additionally, what applications or processes do you use/recommend for the receiving country to track assets that need to be added to their books. Currently for us, an asset accountant in the sending country will not have access to post anything or see the books in the receiving country (and visa versa). How would the receiving country systematically know that an asset was being transferred to them in order to acquire it on their books?

Thanks for your help,