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Nov 21 at 02:31 PM

Error while making a web service call in IRPA.


Hi All,

We have developed an SAP IRPA automation for making web service calls and automate a certain business process on CAP application, which is working perfectly, and we had some demos based on it.

But recently when we are trying to run those Automations, we are getting 'Bad Gateway' error when we try to make web service calls in the IRPA workflow, even when we try to replicate the sap web service call in the postman, we are getting the same error.

Details of one of the errors (this is one of many scenarios where we are getting the same Bad gateway error):

we are trying to make the following batch call of calling a function of a cap application, which was working fine from the application.


But when we try to do the same in the IRPA we are getting '502 Bad Gateway'


we Have also tried to do the same in the postman and send a request but, it's giving the same error as '502 Bad Gateway: Registered endpoint failed to handle the request'


We are unable to figure out what changed from before when it was working and why we are getting this error,

Can you please help.


image.png (33.8 kB)
image.png (125.4 kB)
image.png (92.1 kB)