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6 days ago

S/4HANA Cloud: Embedded Steampunk: C1 Released Contract


Hi Team,

I am trying to understand some details on C1 release contracts. There are many cases where objects are only released for Key User Apps and not for Cloud Developments.

☑ Use in Cloud Development

☑ Use in Key User Apps

Lets take the example of some CDS views (link1,link2). Although documentation says, they are Released, they are still restricted to be used in Cloud Developments. Suppose I build a Custom CDS View using Key User Apps using these Standard Views, SAP restricts those Custom CDS Views also not to be used in Cloud Development Environment. So, in short, SAP has restricted the access to these standard views completely from Cloud Development Environment, although the status of the view says Released.

Imagining the definition: Key User Extensions are meant to be done by Key Users (i.e Key Functional Consultants or Key Business Users) and Cloud Developments are meant to be done by ABAP developers. These checkboxes indicate to me that SAP somehow trusts the Key Users to use the CDS Views appropriately and efficiently, and doesn't trust the ABAP developers at all !!!

In my past experience, I have seen the so called Key Users using SQVI to build queries with unimaginable join/selection conditions, to the point where sometimes it even takes down the entire system. Hence, these questions:

1. What is the rationale of releasing more objects for Key Users than Cloud Development?

2. Why are custom objects, not allowed to be used in other custom objects?

I would have imagined SAP releasing some objects for Cloud Development first and then a smaller subset of that for Key Users. SAP has attempted to do the reverse here with Embedded Steampunk!!