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3 days ago

JDBC Receiver driver update in SAP PO



We are using JDBC Receiver channel in PI and we are moving to PO.

Basis team has installed PO in Oracle 19 Database which uses ojdbc8 driver.

We have developed interfaces with JDBC Receiver channel that need to use ojdbc14 (older driver). These interfaces work well in PI but now they do not in PO because it always launches JDBC adapter with ojdbc8 from Oracle 19.

We have deployed several times but with no luck. If we install ojdbc5, ojdbc14, ojdbc6... JDBC Receiver channel ignore these JARs and uses ojdbc8.

If we deploy without ojdbc driver it still uses default ojdbc8 from its Oracle 19.

How could we achieve this? How could we config PO to use another ojdbc driver instead of Oracle 19 one?