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Nov 21 at 08:31 PM

Keytool - where is it on SAP 4.3 webserver (Linux)


I see all these mentions of running the keytool, but no where in these blogs do they say where it is on the webserver. Do I run this keytool on the app server or webserver? Webserver (linux) where is it?

I can find in on the SAP 4.3 SP2 patch 600 app server but when configuring SAML all the changes need to be done on the webserver, correct?

I have found the SAML Spring .jar files are deployed on the webserver;


So how do you get these deployed? I stopped tomcat, change the name for the work folder to work_OEM and then started Tomcat and wait till it gets redeployed. Is this right? Is the keytool buried in these files?


image.png (20.0 kB)