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Nov 11, 2022 at 10:18 PM

Manager for IAG Workflow


Hello Experts,

As per the below SAP Note, if we maintain the manager information for the user in IAS then the data can be automatically retrieved in the access request. We would like to utilize the manager information for Access Request and Access Certification workflows.

The issue here is that this field would only accept the P-User (User ID) as the manager, a number generated by IAS itself. It is practically impossible to maintain this value for every employee manually, especially because the manager's information may keep changing in HR from time to time.

Even if we set up Azure AD as a source for IAS user provisioning, how do we handle the transformations to change this value to the P-User in IAS for the manager ID retrieved from AD?

If any of you have experience handling this requirement then your input is greatly appreciated.


Subbu Iyer