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Nov 14 at 09:36 AM

No Destination Available at Identity Provisioning Service


Hello all,

first of all I would like to present the scenario.

The plan is to provision users from the IAS (source system) to an ABAP or S/4HANA system (target system).

The IAS has been set up as a source system.

CloudConnector was connected to the corresponding subaccount of the BTP.

RFC connection was set up in the Cloudconnector.

Destination in the subaccount as RFC has been set up.

Availability check at CloudConnector and Destination in the subaccount were successful.

Now to the problem:

When creating the target system in the Identity Provisioning Service, I cannot select the created destination. The corresponding dropdown menu remains empty, although the destination is created in the subaccount.

My question at this point is whether this is a known error of the IPS or whether a setting must be made so that the created destinations are displayed in the IPS.

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