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May 22, 2006 at 09:58 PM

Configuring iviews related to Appraisals in ESS



We are using ECC 5 and SP15.

I am currently working on Appraisals in ESS/MSS.

There is a template that is configured by the Functional person that determines what input fields, check boxes, and other display elements are rendered on the portal under appraisals in ESS/MSS.

This Template is interacted with by the BSP application HAP_DOCUMENT. I am trying to modify that applicationso that i can change the layout of the elements in the template.

I was a little successful in changing the layout .

There is already an iview configured in MSS that corresponds to the appraisals.

But there is no iview that is configured to the ESS that relates to Appraisals.

I need to configure those iviews, in ESS, that corresponds to appraisals.

So the questions i have are:

1. What are the iviews that need to be configured in ESS, that corresponds to appraisals.

2. how do i configure those iviews.

3. When a user clicks a link in ESS or MSS, ultimately the call is going to the HAP_DOCUMENT. So is there anything that i need to do, so as to make the HAP_DOCUMENT understand whether the call is coming from ESS or MSS.

Help will be really appreciated