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Nov 08 at 01:10 PM

SAP-CC - Alert Triggering Operator


Hello all,

I'm trying to use the alert function to log error messages in my charge. In the documentation says:

During the charging process or refilling process, the SAP CC Core Server system sends a USER_ALERT notification when executing a price plan, a charging plan, or the refill logic that includes an alert triggering operator.


However, I'm only able to see the messages generated from the Alert Trigger Operator in the rater logs, when I set the parameter LS_TRC_SEVERITY to DEBUG.

Is there a way to have the messages from the Alert Trigger Operator without setting the parameter to DEBUG?

In the Tuning Guide says that the parameter USER_ALERT should be activated to log the alert informations, but it doesn't show how to do that and where do I have to change it.