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Nov 03 at 09:28 AM

Options for Access to Historic Data - SAP Cloud, public edition



our team has a interesting challenge on our hands, which I will try to sum up below.


Data Migration to the SAP S/4HANA Cloud, public edition is planned for 04/01/2023.

Controlling wants access to the "historic data" for atleast 1 fiscal year, which would be all 2022 G/L account balances and open/line items. The legacy system will not be available after the migration.

Currently we see 2 possible options for this challenge:

Option 1: Migrate all transactional data of 2022 into the system, perform a closing and fiscal year change to 2023 and migrate the transactional data for 2023. So maybe one can imagines it as 2 separate migrations

Option 2: Put the Transactional data of 2022 in a separate system (e.g. SAC/BW) and make them available in the Cloud via an API or something like this so that End-Users can access the data.


Besides the massively challenging migration of a whole fiscal year. Is option 1 possible or are there any technical issues which make this impossible? Are there other arguments against this approach?

For option 2 would be the question if anybody has experience with a similar scenario and would like to share experiences.

Any help or feedback would be highly appreciated :-)