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Process chain - errors and warnings


I have a process chain that does a full update to an ODS and then a delta to cube, and repeats the same for a similar set of ODS/Cube. In effect it is like

>Load ODS1>LOAD ODS2>Load CUBE1>LOAD Cube2.

It gives me some warnings in syntax check - as below -

- <i>There must be a type "Update ODS Object Data (Further Update)" process behind process "Activate ODS Object Data" var.ZPAK_41PK2ZKDVH74AO6TKHS4LGFMJ in the chain</i>

I had removed the 'further process' step that was automatically inserted for the ODS load infopackage (have not removed the ODS activation step, it is there after the ODS load).

- <i>No type "Activate ODS Object Data" process allowed infront of process "Execute InfoPackage" variable ZPAK_41IKQ9UMLX46YDBPJRK3MXB17 in the chain</i>

This warning is for the step load to 2nd ODS after the first ods activation.

I ignored these warnings, and scheduled the process chain. It loaded to the first ODS alright, and failed in 'ODS activation' step. The error was - The 'QM' status of request xxx must be green before activation (from job log).

I thought the ODS load completion before the activation would have the QM status set to green (as the load did go successfully), and it was green when I checked the request.

Can you tell me

- What really is the meaning of those warning messages above, and,

- Was this error due to anything wrong I might have done in process chain definition and/or execution?


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2 Answers

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    May 23, 2006 at 05:08 AM


    Want to know few more things apart from what you mentioned.

    Is this what u want to mention ?

    R/3-FULL-> ODS1 -DELTA-> Cube1

    R/3-FULL-> ODS2 -DELTA-> Cube2

    And you have this in your PC.

    R/3-FULL-> ODS1, R/3-FULL-> ODS2,-DELTA->Cube1,-DELTA-> Cube2.

    I hope I have understood this rite.

    Well is there any link or relation or lookup between the ODS's & Cube's ?

    By default whenever you include a ODS Loading InfoPackage in PC, it gives you 3 more processes, provided the ODS has a Data Mart in the system.

    Here as mentioned that you have a Cube being loaded in ODS. Since you have removed the Further Processing Step, that means that PC standards have been violated. Hence it is giving you a warning.

    Can you tell me where are the ODS activations steps ?

    I would suggest you to make the PC this way.

    R/3 -FULL-> ODS1 -ODS1Activation-> Further ProcessingODS1 -DELTA-> Cube, R/3 -FULL->ODS2 -ODS2Activation-> Further ProcessingODS2 -DELTA->Cube.

    Here either you can include a Further Processing for a ODS /OR/ Include the InfoPackage for Delta Loads.

    Hence whenev You load ODS make sure the ODS Data is first activated and then either via Further Processing or Infopackage load Delta to the Cube.

    I hope I was clear over it, if you have any Q then please reply.

    Hope it helps,

    Pradip Parmar

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    May 22, 2006 at 10:18 PM

    Just to update on my error -

    It was due to an earlier request still in 'Red' in the target which really caused the 'activate' to fail.

    I would still like to know more on the meaning of the warning messages though.


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    • Former Member

      hi ajay,

      Always include your ods activation in the process chains even if u had make it in the ods automatically update also,it is neccessary thats why u are reciveing the warning messages