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Nov 07, 2022 at 12:23 AM

S4HC | EBS | BAI2 Bank Key and Account Number | Australia

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Hello experts,

Hope you are well.

We have recently encountered an issue with Electronic Bank Statement (EBS) upload using S/4HANA Cloud, Public version, and we have not enabled the Multi-Bank Connectivity scope item.

The file format for download from our designated bank is BAI2, recognised by the S4HC system. However, we have issues with the Bank Key and Account Numbers.

For example, we have configured the ACTUAL bank details as follow:

- Actual Bank Key: 061-111 (6-digit, 06 represents Australia, also called BSB number)

- Actual Bank Account: 22334455 (8-digit)

However, the BAI2 export file from the bank displays the following:

- Bank Key: AAA (abbreviation of the Bank, 3-digit)

- Account Number: 111122334455 (last 4 digits from the actual bank key or the BSB, and 8 digits of actual bank account numbers)

In this case, we were thinking about routing the reading of BAI2 format just like using other formats, BUT! our system only allows us to copy and configure formats of MT940 (Structured or Non-Structured) and CAMT053_001_02.


We have tried searching, browsing and attempting on most of the other answers and blogs, but given T-codes are not available and/or some of the config activities are being locked in the S4HC world, so we are sort of stuck.

It would be much appreciated if you could:

1. Provide the BAI2 config file, which we could then upload to the format mappings, and then change the routing rules, or

2. Suggest how we can map and convert the exported file to match the bank key and account number with the actual ones?

Please do not hesitate to reach out if you need any further information. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.




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