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Nov 04, 2022 at 05:27 AM

Call Transformation - Adding Additional Fields



I have an existing call transformation ZXY (created using XSLT_TOOL) through which a call goes from SAP to other ERP system (non sap) using an ABAP program. Now based on the field properties the ABAP program gets the field values and converts the XML into ABAP internal table structure.

Now I have added additional fields to the existing structure used in the call transformation.

The field names are displayed in the structure (internal table in ABAP) but the values are not populating in the internal table. The XML file which is received from other ERP system is filled with values in the new fields but when the XML is converted to ABAP, the new field values are not populating in the ABAP internal table.

To reflect the new field values in the ABAP internal table, do I need to do any other changes to the transformation created using XSLT_TOOL? If so what needs to be done.

Anything else which I am missing here?