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Nov 04, 2022 at 03:19 PM

Integration Suite JDBC Duplicate Key error

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Hello everyone,

on the Integration Suite we get the error "Duplicate Key error" when using the JDBC adapter and an update.
This interface already exists on the PI and works properly.

The test on the Integration Suite takes place with exactly the same payload, exported from the PI.
There is no mapping or special logic. The message is forwarded 1:1 from the source.

Error Message Integration Suite


Sent Message


Configuration on Integration Suite



The difference between SAP PI and Integration Suite are following settings which are not available on Integration Suite. And i think this could be the problem.


And like i said i can take the payload from the integration suite and successfully send it over the PI.

The DB is Microsoft on Premise.

Can you guys help with this problem?

Thanks very much!

Best regards



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