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Nov 07, 2022 at 01:41 PM

Integrate the IAS REST API by Destination Service and Consume in Freestyle UI5 App


Hi folks,

I want to develop a user registration application to be accessed via Launchpad Service and use a database of IAS feeding 3 custom attributes. However, I'm having difficulties consuming the destination inside of ui5 freestyle application. Do you have an example of an application working with this scenario and the destination properly configured?

I tried combining two tutorials to consume IAS API by Destination Service.

Integrate the REST API via Destination Service:

Integrate Tutorial

In this tutorial, he creates a credential key for the instance created through the API.
Then create the application and use a destination service for the application in the MTA.

It declares that it is needed in the HTML module, and puts a destination route that will be created below.

After the application is deployed, it goes inside the destination service and creates the destination using the credentials created in the first step, giving the same name as the one placed in the route above.

IAS Instance and Key:

IAS Destination Service:

Destination route on xs-app.json:

Destination created inside of Destination Service:

Declare the proxy inside of ui5-local.yaml to consume in the test locally.

Try to consume the service:

The erro:

I create the IAS Instance Service by watching a Denys van Kempen microlearning:

Denys Hands-on Video Tutorials - openSAP Microlearning

I will be gratefull in advance for everyone that willingness to contribute to my technical growth and continuous improvement. In the scenario I mentioned above, I still can't consume the IAS API.