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Nov 02, 2022 at 04:57 AM

IO Distribution Rule behavior


Hi Experts, I have a query on Internal Order Settlement Distribution rule and its behavior.

In GL Master we have a default Functional Area assigned. However, at transaction level, this can change to other value.

If Functional area is a mandatory input value at time of normal journal entry (without which you cannot save/post the document), when we define or change the distribution rule in an IO, when we enter key attribute values to derive COPA characteristics, system doesn't make it mandatory for the field 'Functional Area', while the business might have more than one Func Area to choose from, what's the impact of a 'blank' field in this field, we are not even entering any value per se. In my case, I have multiple Func areas, one of them being defined as 'Dummy Func Area'.

Question 1 is, do we need to enter a value in this field so at time of TDD, system derives the Func area based on other parameters coming from FMDERIVER and/or Customer specific Func area, where it's driven from P&L expense or income account, for instance? How it works, any clue?

Question 2 is: (1) Func Area as is defaulted in GL Master (2) Transaction level at times it has different value (3) Distribution rule has the same as Transaction or different - when it comes to final settlement, what takes priority? What if distribution rule has a blank Func Area, and transaction level whatever is assigned, will it flow thru to settlement. The fact that 'we have a blank Func area' in distribution rule, will that indeed matter?

Thanks for your time to reply.

Cheers, Siva