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Former Member
May 22, 2006 at 02:07 PM

Using BAdI BBP_PGRP_FIND for determination


Hello all

For normal sc items I'd like to have one single purchasing group being determined during sc creation (by default).

Except for described req. items, the purch. group should be determined using the normal logic based on product category and its logical backend system.

I thought it would be fairly easy to achieve this, but the bad thing is, that when activating BAdI BBP_PGRP_FIND it automatically deactivates the standard logic which would be the one needed in case of described requirements.

So I'm searching how to implement BAdI BBP_PGRP_FIND in a way where I can run the standard purch. group determination logic for described requirement items but to run own new determination logic for all other sc items.


In other words:

IF described req.
  do normal standard determination logic
  assign single default

Somebody an idea on this one? Is there a function module / method I can call from within the BAdI to run the standard determination logic?

Thanks for any helpful input.