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Oct 27, 2022 at 06:18 AM

RotatingImagesComponent is rendered as SimpleBannerComponent


Hi experts

We are using SAP Commerce 2005 with no Spartacus

In the landing page, we have a RotatingImagesComponent that works well in local and QA environments. But we have a problem in PROD, this component ( it has 5 images and some of them have restrictions) sometimes is displayed as a SimpleBannerComponent and only the last image of the carousel is displayed (so it is not displayed as a carousel but a simple image). When this happens I can only see the last image rendered in the HTML. After refreshing the page, the carousel is displayed as it should be.

What can I check in order to see why sometimes only one image is recognized and rendered? I cannot see any relevant information in the logs, and the console in the browser does not show any error when only an image is displayed. I'm not sure how the lifecycle of a component is.