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Oct 28, 2022 at 05:45 PM

Can I create subscription without replicate provider contract (57Z)?



We have an scenarios as below steps :

1. Create Subscription in SAP Subscription Billing (deactivate replicate provider contract)

2. Transfer Billed from SAP Subscription Billing to S/4HANA Cloud.

3. Check S/4HANA Cloud and I can see the Subscription Billing Document Request

4. Create Billing (VF01) with the SBDR, but when I try to release to Finance and the system show me error message : the provider contract not exist.

My question is : replicate the provider contact to S/4HANA Cloud is required step? If yes why give me the option in the subscription profile? If it possible not to replicate provider contract to S/4HANA Cloud?

Thanks and Best Regards,