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Oct 27 at 03:29 PM

MRP Live / missing supplying site for internal procurement in Purchase requisition


Hello All

We managed to run classic MRP for creating Purchase Requisitions in a DC from another internal DC (Supply Source = 2 / Stock Transfer)


PR was created with the correct required quantity and the Supplying Site was determined. Then, the PR to Purchasing Order conversion was automatic and a STO was created.


Now, we need to enable MD01N transaction, but the results are not as expected. MRP Live runs with no issues and the Purchase Requisition is created. However, supplying site is not determined as it was in MRP classic and hence the Vendor for the further internal STO is not available.


If we click on the "Vendor" button this message is displayed: "No vendor (creditor) found for MRP element".

Could someone please advise?

Many thanks.

Best regards.


classic-mrp.png (427.0 kB)
mrp-live.png (43.0 kB)