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Oct 26 at 09:59 PM

BTP SSO for Platform Users with SAML instead OpenID Connect


We're currently setting up SAP BTP Launchpad Service and want to use SSO via Identity Authentication Service (IAS). For Application users it works like a charm to access the Launchpad.

But for accessing the BTP Cockpit as subaccount admin SSO is not working. While setting up the trust on Global Account with IAS (SAP Help BTP Custom Identity Provider), an application is created on IAS. Unfortunately it is not possible to change the protocol from OpenID Connect to SAML 2.0. Hence we're redirected to SAP ID Service for authentication. The requirement is to use SAML 2.0 like we do for the Launchpad Service.

Has anybody gained experience how to use SAML instead of OpenID Connect? It is greyed out and can't be changed. A manual new trust is not possible.


We're on Global Account with Feature Set B, Subaccount is multi-environment and cloud foundry capabilities are active.




snag-1cdcab15.png (39.2 kB)