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Oct 24, 2022 at 10:52 AM

Naming Conventions ideally on creation for repository (dictionary) objects


Dear all,

we are preparing for an S4H conversion, hence cleaning up our ERP system from obsolete coding. We are effectively deleting old code, after saving it to an external Git repo.

After code has been deleted, we want to make sure we don't allow new repository objects (let's exclude data dicitionary for now, if that helps) to have the same name as formerly deleted objects. We are talking AS ABAP only.


  • t-1
    Object "ZSOMEREPORT" exists
  • t
    Object "ZSOMEREPORT" is considered obsolete and deleted
  • t+1
    Object "ZSOMEREPORT" should not be allowed to be created again
    Object "ZSOMEOTHERREPORT" should be allowed

I could think of different ways to achieve this, however, I'm pretty unsure what's the best way to takle the situation

  1. Solution Manager critical objects
  2. Solution Manager allowed list (fka as whitelist)
  3. (Custom) Code Inspector check (maybe together with ATC)
  4. Some BAdI in application system, e.g. CTS_REQUEST_CHECK - CHECK_BEFORE_ADD_OBJECTS
  5. other?

Ideally the solution already prevents the object creation instead of checking on transport release and it should be working both in GUI and ADT

Don't expect solutions here, obviously, but a nudge in the right direction / best practices how you guys dealt with such requirements on your end.