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Message AP015 IMA11 is blocking IM Budget transactions

Feb 23, 2017 at 08:18 AM


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Hi All

We have an issue where by when one user is inside IMA11 it is blocking IM32 for other users....while for this I found the OSS note 89286. And here it says that this is a standard feature.

However I am not able to replicate this issue in our Quality system and doubt whether the locking logic works only on the other way round that is when one user is inside IM32 we usually cannot change the Appropriation Request and its assignment to the Investment Program. This logic is working fine in Quality too. Though it is not working on the other way as is the issue in production ie. if one user is inside IMA11 in edit mode and trying to change assignment to Investment Program it still allows to go inside IM32 for the same node and for other nodes too.

Can anybody clarify what should be the actual behaviour.

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Can anybody comment it still possible to do IM32 when we are inside IMA11 for the same Investment Program.

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1 Answer

Suman Misra Feb 24, 2017 at 05:10 AM

I have found the note 89286 which explains the locking logic and it happens in production. The same is not appearing in Quality...

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