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Oct 22 at 01:10 PM

Suppress Technical Error on Save

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Dear All

I am submitting a UI5 based form data back to oData/ERP on Save Event. Requirement is, for example to stop creation of record, if employee has not completed 5 years of service, which is handled by raising oData exception message but App is also showing standard Fiori Technical Error instead of showing only user friendly error message.

Within OData create_entity method, exception is raised using /iwbep/cx_mgw_busi_exception whereas within controller UI below code is written. However, system is showing standard Technical Error, in addition to customized error raised using oData exception,


				success: function(oData, oResponse) {
					if (oData.__batchResponses[0].response.statusCode >= 400) {
						var oResp = JSON.parse(oData.__batchResponses[0].response.body);
					    this.getModel("appView").setProperty("/busy", false);
				error: function(oError) {
					this.getModel("appView").setProperty("/busy", false);


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