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Oct 17, 2022 at 04:38 PM

Planned GI date, loading date, transit date are not changing in vl02n after FO created in TM

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Dear Guru,

When we are trying to change the planned GI date, picking a date, transit date, and loading data in VL02n, and if we save it system is not taking the changed date instead it re-triggering the dates as per the freight order date or freight unit date,

Ex - let's say in the delivery document current planned GI date, loading, picking, and transit date is 15.08.2022 and in the freight order, the date is 19.08.2022, now when we try to change the above following dates in the vl02 screen from 15.08.2022 to 16.10.2022 and if we save delivery document system is re-triggering to 19.08.2022 as per date maintained in freight order (TM module)

Recently we upgraded our client system from 1909 to 2021 s4 Hana, after this only we are facing this issue. Please help the issue is in PRD