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Oct 12, 2022 at 12:34 PM

Publish To-Be and AS-IS processes in Process Landscape or only As-Is processes?



we are currently facing the question if our Process Landscape should only show As-Is Processes (the currently valid BPMN process model that the employees have to follow) or if we also should publish and show any worked out To-Be processes (=Target process / "Process Vision").

This would mean there are processes where only a To-Be process (BPM model) is published and linked and no As-Is process (because it was not modeled in Signavio). And in some cases the AS-IS processe(s) AND the To Be process would be published and available side by side in the Process Landscape (should be clearly highlighted of course which is the To-Be process).

I fear that the Process Landscape will become very complex if we show both. And for most of the employees the To-Be process is not relevant because they only must know about the As-Is process.

Which approach do you have for this issue?