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Oct 06, 2022 at 08:22 PM

Delivery Split on the basis of total weight of delivery VL10G/VL10C


I have a requirement to split and reduce line item quantity of the delivery, if the total weight of delivery has exceeded 16,000 LB. And the rest number of quantity of current line item and remaining line items needs to be considered in the next delivery through VL10G processing and this will go on and the total weight can't be more than 16,000 LB.
As the previous solution found over the community, while implementing the solution we need to use the VTLA routines and use the ZUKRL field to split the delivery items which are not needed to be coupled together.
While implementing this solution, can anyone help me in determining how would we get the total weight of the delivery and reduce the quantity of the items automatically through the routine itself, as the routine is triggered for all the line items and only determination of header related differences can be incorporated in the routine.

Also the LIKP-ZUKRL header value is present in the routine for particular line item so we can't loop the upcoming line items or consider VBAP line items as all the line items are not relevant for processing.

If there's any standard config to achieve this or any code which someone can share to implement this solution, will be really helpful. I have not found any weight based split answer which has fulfilled the requirement over the internet.

Business use case is that the truck load can't be more than 16,000 LB that's why they want more number of deliveries not exceeding the weight over 16,000 LB.

Thank you in advance.