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Oct 06 at 03:27 PM

BRIM - Counters are not visible in Subscription Order - must be redefined


Hi Team,

We are using the latest S4HANA 2021 Initial shipment with SAP CC version 2021.0.0.

Since we have enabled the Counters in Charge Plan in CC and which has been maintained as 'external' mandatory so that it would be visible in SOM while placing the order. The "cross Catalogue Mapping" for one of the subscription product has the same external counter maintained with the "namespace" as well.

But while placing the "Subscription Order" we did not see any counter in order to send any redefined value ?

Ex: Counter name in the Charge Plan is - CustomerCreditLimit (External)
Name Space = CustomerCreditLimit.
While placing an order we did not see this counter and expectation is to provide the 'credit Limit' value for every order which is different for every customer. The same value is being passed to CC via contract replication which is not occurring.

Kindly advice how do we maintain the counter redefined values during subscription order creation ?