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CAPEX Materials

Dear Experts,

Could you please help me to fix issue related to CAPEX Materials.

  • 1.Is CAPEX always procured as Non-stock Item. If no then what should be material type.
  • 2.If Non-stock then how we can store these materials in the warehouse.Because warehouse team is only responsible for stock Items.
  • 3.Also is it true once you buy any CAPEX items after GR it become ERSA item ?
  • 4.Can we externally repair CAPEX non-valuated items.Will affect anything in term of repair cost etc.

Actually we have repairable CAPEX items created as non-stock with non-valuated. Now these items need to repaired and put back to warehouse. Appreciate if you provide your expert advise.



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3 Answers

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    Posted on Feb 24, 2017 at 09:19 AM

    Wikipedia explains well what CAPEX means:

    And since this is huge field from an office desk to skyscraper and even includes intangible assets it cannot be treated with a one-fits all material type.

    As the wikipedia article explains, it is often non-recurring business, and material masters are templates for recurring business cases, to get unified purchase orders and statistics if the same material is ordered many times throughout the year.

    Warehouse stock is current asset, CAPEX materials rather fixed asset which is not kept in stock. However, if you want manage stock until is used then this material is either a normal valuated material and will be goods issued from stock when it becomes an asset. OR you expense the value already with the goods receipt if you use UNBW material type, then you can manage non-valuated stock in the warehouse in parallel and just issues the quantity without any value effect when it leaves the warehouse.

    A CAPEX material can only become a spare part after a receipt if you post a cancellation movement of a goods issue to create stock (e.g. 202 movement)

    You can repair anything (except intangible items). Who says that you have to use SAP repair process for that? If you want to use the repair process then you have to fulfill the prerequisites. So you have to include this into your thinking about your company specific CAPEX process design.

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  • Posted on Feb 24, 2017 at 05:34 AM

    Hi Experts,

    Any suggestion please.


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  • Posted on Feb 25, 2017 at 02:54 AM


    Thank you very much for the details explaination.I tried hard to get info on internate but no success.I saw one more post from you and there you mentioned that it is difficult to manage from one material master data.

    From your both posts I decided to create two different MM for the same material and achieve the desired requirement. One for procurement and another for stock tracking.

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