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Oct 03, 2022 at 01:06 PM

Ability to import master data via packages without Manage Dimenions/Members security Tasks?


Hi BPC experts,

We are currently implementing BPC 11 for BW/4HANA as a replacement for BPC 10.1 MS. We have a few data manager packages that automatically import master data from various source systems, leveraging the out-of-box master data import processes. These packages are running fine when executed by an administrator. However, when run by our power users, we receive the following errors:



Upon granting these users the "Manage Members" and "Manage Dimensions" Tasks, they are able to successfully run the packages. However, this has the side effect of giving them the ability to modify all dimensions via the BPC web console. We would prefer not to grant this access since the whole idea is to allow these users to update only a few dimensions via an automated process, rather than opening up all of our master data to end user modifications. This was not a requirement in BPC MS; we had developed similar packages on that platform which did not necessitate adding any administrative security Tasks.

TL;DR: is there some way to allow users to update master data via data manager packages without granting them the "Manage Dimensions" and "Manage Members" security Tasks?

Thank you!


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image.png (2.3 kB)