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Key Figures Explanation - Time at Processor/Requestor

Hi ladies and gents,

Can someone please explain to me the definition of Time at Requestor and Time at Processor key figures

My understanding is that Time at Processor would be the amount of time the ticket was with the agent/team/company (service provider).

Time at Requestor would be the time the time was in a 'Customer Action' status, for example when an agent responds to a customer and needs more info or asks the customer to test or check something so that it doesn't sit with the agent/team and overrun it's SLA.

However, in my testing I have found that when I have tickets that were changed from Open to In Process, it shows that time as requestor action time that the ticket spends in In Process status.

Is there even a link between lifecycle status and these key figures for time at processor/requestor?

Your help would be appreciated



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