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Sep 23 at 06:28 PM

Planned cost and actual cost of process order with scrap


To produce FG1 - I00 EA need a component C1 =50 EA C2=100 EA. I know scarp can be there, hence I have put assembly scrap % as 10%. Now my process order FG1 quantity would be 110 and C1= 55 & C2 =110.


1)What would be the planned cost of material ? Cost of C1=55 C2= 110 qty or for cost of C1=50 + C2=100 ?

2)If the planned cost = C1-55 and C2-110 , is there a way I can have planned costs in 2 GLs? one gL shows planned cost for C1-50 + C1-100, and the second planned cost GL shows C1-5 C2-10.

3)I want a feature where by I can have planned cost break up -real planned cost + scrap planned cost and actual cost - real stock (GR) cost and real cost of scrap cost

4) I will do GR for 100 and balance 5 GR should be for scrap account- How can I achieve this?