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5 days ago

100% Down Payment for Sales Order // Clearing

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Hi SAP Community

We have implemented the BKJ scope item process accordingly and use 100% down payment. We are using S4 Hana Cloud 2208 Release

So far all steps work as intended

  • We create the Sales Order via API (Item category CBA0. Billing plan FAZ + F2)
  • Down payment (FAZ) is created via schedule
  • Down payment posted via customer payment
  • Outbound delivery is properly processed
  • after Good issue F2 created with full down payment
  • There is no residual left.

The last journal entry is somehow not cleared and I don't really see why. We are running an ecommerce so we try to automate this kind of stuff. Shouldn't it clear itself when 100% is down payed?


I'm happy to provide more infos if needed.

Best Regards



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