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5 days ago

Offcycle posted amounts reflecting in regular payroll posting document


payroll cycle is 21 to 20

we are gone live from Aug 2022 and current payroll is set as 21.7.2022 to 20.8.2022

in PRD i have run first payroll as offcycle (for 20.8.2022) with payroll control record set on 21.6.2022 - 20.7.2022.

posted on same date 20.8.2022 in PRD.

now i released payroll for the period Aug 2022 (21.7.2022 to 20.8.2022) and run.

posting document also created with no errors.

but in posting document, the amounts i have already posted for offcycle payroll are also reflecting. whereas the posting balance is ok.