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Sep 22 at 11:12 PM

IconTabBar doesn't fire the Select event

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Hello experts,

I created the IconTabBar that holds IconTabFilter items. The event select should fire the event when the item is selected.
I wrote the simple function that should be executed and show the Message "Hello". But after selecting the item doesn't do anything, so I can't even see what the issue is in a debugger.

var Bar_xx = new sap.m.IconTabBar("IconTabBarxx", {
expandable: false,
expanded: false,
applyContentPadding: true,
stretchContentHeight: false,
select: function OEvent(oEvent) {
var sId = oEvent.getSource().getId();
if(sId === "Icon1") {

items: [
new sap.m.IconTabFilter("Icon1", {
text: "All",
key: "All",

Thank you,

Best regards,