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6 days ago

Create Supplier Invoice via Webservice with Reference to Inbound Devlivey /Goods Receipt

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we are trying to create Supplier Invoice from an External System with a Reference to Inbound Delivery/ Goods Receipt.

We managed to create Invoices with Reference to Purchase Order but not to specific Inbound.

Is there any way doing the same for Inbound Delivery?

If not with SOAP webservice, is there maybe a way doing it with odata integation?

Thanks for any advice.

Best Regards,


Code section for Purchase Order Reference of wsdl managesupplierinvoicein:

<PurchaseOrderReference actionCode="?">





<ID schemeID="?" schemeAgencyID="?" schemeAgencySchemeAgencyID="?">?</ID>


<UUID schemeID="?" schemeAgencyID="?">?</UUID>


<TypeCode listID="?" listVersionID="?" listAgencyID="?">?</TypeCode>




<ItemUUID schemeID="?" schemeAgencyID="?">?</ItemUUID>