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Sep 29, 2022 at 09:43 AM

check your system readiness


Dear All,

Before opening a Service Request at SAP (step 1 of the following) : (source :, wich I guess is a ticket to open :


A/ I wish I could process app. "Check Your System Readiness". I understand that I can only process this in the source system whenever I want (source : : Note : It is only possible to use the Check Your System Readiness app in the source system).

B/ In step 2 of the screenshot, it is said that SAP will perform a readiness check on the target system (so Q to my understanding, and not P). So my understanding is that doing what I suggest in point A/ (point A/ should only be done in P according to sap help portal's Note) is different from what SAP intends to do in step. "1. Service prerequisite" which is in Q.... Am I correct ? That would justify that I must perform a "Check Your System Readiness" in P (see point A/), but I am surprised that this step is not included in the screenshot.

Could you clarify when is the "Check Your System Readiness" in P to be done ? and will it bring different information from SAP's system readiness check (step 2. Service Prerequisistes) ? Should I perform a "Check Your System Readiness" in P before "step 1. Service Request" ? And ultimatlely do you know how long it can take as apparenly it will impact the performances in P ?
Kind regards


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