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5 days ago

Scenario with OData receiver adapter and XML files


Hello experts,

I need some help regarding a receiver Odata adapter and a XML file sender. I have an scenario where a Fiori application accepts a XML file with a predefined structure. This is an exposed OData service and I want to achieve the same result via PO: a XML file sent to the OData receiver. With Postman I can achieve the same result: I send a POST request to the required Entity Set with the payload as XML in the body, and I get the expected response. I have installed the Connectivity Add-On and created the scenario in PO. But no matter what I try, I always get some kind of error.

Right now what I'm getting is:


Just for info, my Entity Set is called FileContentsSet, and my XML starts with a Document tag.

By the way, is the Operations modeler needed at all? As far as I know, I need to write the name of the Entity Set in the Resource path field of the receiver adapter. I don't understand why I should use the Operation modeler, create the EDMX file and create the receiver interface in ESR. Is it not possible to just map a one-to-one XML structure from the sender to the receiver? I just need to pass the whole XML file as a Payload, nothing else. If I use a EDMX interface type as a receiver, there is no way I can pass all the information.

Should I maybe use a REST adapter instead?

I hope everything was clear. If you need more information, please don't hesitate to ask.

Thanks for your time.